MSc International Finance - full english

The programme, delivered in English with a personal development focus, is designed to enable students and participants to master corporate finance in the financial markets arena. It concentrates on investment decision making in a business world driven by innovation, where rules are changing as fast as the market is becoming volatile. You will learn to understand the principles of finance and best practices as applied by investment bankers, funds and companies. You will develop your financial analysis skills and perfect your public presentation skills with the multitude of projects to deliver. The programme is a real business education experience, with a coaching method to improve the interaction with financial operators.

IAE d'Aix en Provence

Les sessions se dérouleront à l'IAE AIX EN PROVENCE.

Les attestations de score aux tests prérequis TOEIC , TOEFL iBT et test d'aptitude à la gestion impérativement insérées dans le dossier à la session de clôture choisie. ATTENTION Ne pas programmer un test à la session du 11 mai 2023


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